“Health & Happiness in the 21st Century”

Health and happiness is probably the most difficult things to find and one of the most trending  topics in the 21st century. Whilst there have been continuous, successful research on mental health, physical health and stress management, the way we have modernised has simply made us neglect our essential well-being, as Dr. H. R. Nagendra emphasises.

Listened to an interesting speech from a while back by the esteemed Dr. H. R. Nagendra (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation Vice Chancellor, S-VYASA University) at the Observer Research Foundation Mumbai, titled “Health and Happiness in the 21st Century: Re-learning the Indian Way.” There are YouTube links here.

Some insightful points:
He talks of how we are incredibly knowledgeable about physical structures in modern science, e.g. the human body is made from molecules, and atoms, etc. In turn, we have great success in physical structures of our environment such as infrastructure, monumental buildings and so on. So how is one supposed to introduce, acknowledge and fully accept the consciousness and prana into such a structure?

He speaks of how that must be the turning point of modern science. The stress that affects our well-being is absolutely multi-dimensional and must be taken care as such. Breathing, practicing yoga everyday even in small amounts are all essential activities because their effects are proven to be far more extensive and beneficial than simple physical exercise or dieting. There is positive energy that is released within and out, giving strength in long lasting and unstructured ways.

It’s hard when you feel physical and mental obstacles taking over your life, but take a deep breath, stretch out and remember you have everything in you to heal and bring happiness for yourself and others.

breathe in time

Breathe in time to this. (source)


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