Once Upon a Team with Taste

Team with Taste was born from a timely paradigm shift.

While I was studying my masters at Macquarie School of Management, the idea of Team with Taste came to me. The environment of the school was incredibly aggressive. People were stressed, angry and easily depressed because they couldn’t manage their time, work and well-being. But throughout my studies and after, I found that I people resonated with what I had to say about Ayurverdic and Yogic teachings for helping with managing personal well-being, health and happiness. And I found that people needed two things for their basic happiness: good cookery and art.

Our first team-building gig was with HR of IBM Global Services at Mosman Art Gallery. With natural intuition and following words of inspiration by Deepak Chopra, we were able to manage spaces and groups of people in a nurturing way. Corporate executives would come and confide in me at these events, taking off their masks as I listened with patience. I found that everyone else was too busy talking about themselves to have the patience or even desire to listen, because the corporate world is like that. It grew on me that it was perfectly possible to create physical environments and spaces where people would feel relaxed, unthreatened by facades and self-image, finding joy in the simple things.

So, we started slowly with organizing small events and fundraisers at schools in Sydney, being able to create the same responses of comfort, warmth and a sense of freedom. With cookery and art, I loved creating these uncompetitive atmospheres.  The process of cooking or making something together, delegating individuals tasks to do and then enjoying the final product together. An interdependent, interactive and intimate creation of the kind of atmosphere you want to feel completely comfortable in.

Team with Taste’s first event was an Art Show and Sale for the contemporary artist Jaideep Mehrotra at the Art House in Singapore. From there on we did the International Sindhi Conference to countless private events and more, and we haven’t looked back since.

Mosman Daily Article

The beginnings of TWT, throwback to 2003 in Sydney.


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