To Vietnam with love. (1)

Concierge services in Vietnam is always a treat. The country continues to amaze in the cleanliness, the best travel options for tourists, the efficient service and the gentleness of the people.

Certainly, the government’s unobtrusive presence defines Vietnam discipline…yet the people and services have improved far beyond most other South East Asia destinations.

Food is wonderful. Cafes and restaurants offering humble to world class f&b. There’s also free wifi everywhere…you don’t really need a local sim card.

We started in Ho Chi Minh City, the great Saigon, and walked the Cathedral, the beautiful Post Office and around the city. We had dresses tailored in 24 hours to perfection for the client, roamed the markets and ate from humble street stalls whilst sipping coconut water to avoid dehydration. We visited the war museum and generally enjoyed the sights and sounds.

The day trip to the Củ Chi Tunnels was by speedboat on the Mekong river and this was a fabulous trip organised efficiently. We had the best meal by the river side and met some interesting Aussie blokes on the boat, one of them had fought the war in Củ Chi so it was fascinating to listen to both sides of the war. No winners here… But no bitterness either.


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