Dinner at Bakalaki

Caught up with Claudia and Mimi at fav Greek restaurant Bakalaki which never fails to provide a delicious meal of vegetarian Moussaka, Dolmades, Hummus with Pita with a twist and a delectable Haloumi with sesame and honey.

The bottle of Greek wine caught our eye…we brought two home to use as candle holders.



Lantern-lit Dance Party

A few weeks ago we helped organise a launch event for the popular show Dance Singapore Dance, now renewed for it’s second season. Using our suggestion for the venue – our favourite neighbourhood cafe Lowercase at Lasalle – the evening was a hit. Such a wonderful, spirited team of women at ZeeTV and we got to see performances of immensely talented young dancers and singers all from Singapore.

Together with Gilbert and his team’s lighting skills, Sahana’s team and us, we transformed the industrial, minimalist setting of Lowercase to a pop-themed vibrant blue and pink soiree with handmade wreaths of flowers, fairylights, candles and Moroccan lanterns. A beautiful evening, animated atmosphere, delicious finger food, our decorations twinkling in the background.

A Yoga Weekend in Sydney

The three day conference ‘Yoga-Science of Infinite Possibilities’ closed last Monday with happy delegates and an army of quiet volunteers. So grateful for everyone who attended on the long weekend, and for helping to make the event a great success 🙂

Our deepest gratitude to the S-Vyasa Yoga University Bengaluru India – our partners, distinguished speakers, the Indian High Commissioner Mr. Navdeep Suri, Mr. Vanlalvawna the India Consul General & Dr. Vinod Bahade Dpy. Counsel General in Sydney, the Hon. Julie Owens Federal MP for Parramatta, the Hon. Geoff Lee State MP for Parramatta, ICCR, Confluence- The Festival of India, Sonia Gandhi Creations, Teamworks India, the Kumar family of Abhi’s restaurant, Kavita Ma, Yoga King, Yoga Australia, Yoga Life, Yoke,Living Now, Intl Yoga Day – Cate & Nigel, the ABC, the Parramatta Advertiser, Raj Natarajan, India Link, Rebekkah Sparrow and all friends, supporters and sponsors too numerous to name!

Some pictures of the conference courtesy of Rebekkah Sparrow – official photographer of this conference:



To Vietnam with Love. (2)

Hanoi was more waking around the lake, eating in wonderful restaurants and sipping the local Vietnamese coffee and calming lotus tea. The pagodas, lots of shopping at market stalls and a 4D Imax movie experience…we watched Ben Hur with the seats moving, water spraying, smells related to the film wafting into the cinema hall…an interesting and one-time experience only.
Onto Da Nang and we stayed by the river. This is a city of lights and the dragon bridge and all the buildings light up with a display each night.
Traveled to Mỹ Sơn to see the ancient Shiva Temples and then to Hội An, the medieval port city.
All along the way, we had unforgettable experiences with pagodas, market streets, wonderful people and sights and sounds of Vietnam. Modern and ancient, fun, quirky…beautiful.

To Vietnam with love. (1)

Concierge services in Vietnam is always a treat. The country continues to amaze in the cleanliness, the best travel options for tourists, the efficient service and the gentleness of the people.

Certainly, the government’s unobtrusive presence defines Vietnam discipline…yet the people and services have improved far beyond most other South East Asia destinations.

Food is wonderful. Cafes and restaurants offering humble to world class f&b. There’s also free wifi everywhere…you don’t really need a local sim card.

We started in Ho Chi Minh City, the great Saigon, and walked the Cathedral, the beautiful Post Office and around the city. We had dresses tailored in 24 hours to perfection for the client, roamed the markets and ate from humble street stalls whilst sipping coconut water to avoid dehydration. We visited the war museum and generally enjoyed the sights and sounds.

The day trip to the Củ Chi Tunnels was by speedboat on the Mekong river and this was a fabulous trip organised efficiently. We had the best meal by the river side and met some interesting Aussie blokes on the boat, one of them had fought the war in Củ Chi so it was fascinating to listen to both sides of the war. No winners here… But no bitterness either.

Showreel Extravaganza

Amongst being involved in several different projects, including a conference on ‘Yoga – The Science of Infinite Possibilities‘, we have just finished making FOUR showreels for Team with Taste, each one featuring our favourite decor, food & beverage, and clips of all our entertainment throughout the years.

Our first Entertainment showreel this week shows the range of artists and music we have had the pleasure of having at our events, ranging from vintage jazz Bollywood to rock, pop, ballads to classical and gospel music. Our brilliant and well-known artists include The Bartender, Salim-Sulaiman, Kunal Ganjawala, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shri Jagjit Singh, Abida Parveen, Roop Kumar and Sunali Rathod, Sonu Nigam, Shreya Goshal, Allison Gabrielle, Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project.

Plug in your earphones, put it on HD and enjoy less than 2 minutes of absolutely beautiful music!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 2.18.46 PM


Once Upon a Team with Taste

Team with Taste was born from a timely paradigm shift.

While I was studying my masters at Macquarie School of Management, the idea of Team with Taste came to me. The environment of the school was incredibly aggressive. People were stressed, angry and easily depressed because they couldn’t manage their time, work and well-being. But throughout my studies and after, I found that I people resonated with what I had to say about Ayurverdic and Yogic teachings for helping with managing personal well-being, health and happiness. And I found that people needed two things for their basic happiness: good cookery and art.

Our first team-building gig was with HR of IBM Global Services at Mosman Art Gallery. With natural intuition and following words of inspiration by Deepak Chopra, we were able to manage spaces and groups of people in a nurturing way. Corporate executives would come and confide in me at these events, taking off their masks as I listened with patience. I found that everyone else was too busy talking about themselves to have the patience or even desire to listen, because the corporate world is like that. It grew on me that it was perfectly possible to create physical environments and spaces where people would feel relaxed, unthreatened by facades and self-image, finding joy in the simple things.

So, we started slowly with organizing small events and fundraisers at schools in Sydney, being able to create the same responses of comfort, warmth and a sense of freedom. With cookery and art, I loved creating these uncompetitive atmospheres.  The process of cooking or making something together, delegating individuals tasks to do and then enjoying the final product together. An interdependent, interactive and intimate creation of the kind of atmosphere you want to feel completely comfortable in.

Team with Taste’s first event was an Art Show and Sale for the contemporary artist Jaideep Mehrotra at the Art House in Singapore. From there on we did the International Sindhi Conference to countless private events and more, and we haven’t looked back since.

Mosman Daily Article

The beginnings of TWT, throwback to 2003 in Sydney.