International Conference of Yoga – Science of Infinite Possibilities

We have been working very hard on an international conference addressing the benefits of yoga for mental stress in corporate life, mental illnesses, ADHD, women’s health, oncology, diabetes, sports enhancement, non-communicable diseases, aging, general wellness, mindfulness and spirituality. We will also be engaging in asanas and guided meditation daily.

Distinguished professors, scientists and doctors in each field from prestigious universities from around the world will be presenting papers and sharing their findings at this conference along with yoga teachers and professionals conducting asanas and pranayam each day.

It will be held in Sydney, Australia 1-3 October 2016 at the University of Western Sydney. We are also honoured to be included in the Festival of India in Australia ‘Confluence’ September – November 2016.

If you are interested and want more updates please like our facebook page and visit our website:
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Snarky Puppy Kinda Vibes

Had a blast watching Snarky Puppy perform last night at the Esplanade. After a sweet, melodic opening with Michelle Willis  a singer based in Toronto, Snarky Puppy walked on in their casual manner and played through every one of their numbers perfectly. At last night’s concert there was Larnell Lewis on drums, Nate Werth on percussion, Bill Laurance on keyboard, Chris McQueen on guitar, Mark Lettieri on guitar, Michael League (the composer and producer of Snarky Puppy) on bass, Mike Maher on flugelhorn, Chris Bullok on tenor saxophone and flute and Bob Reynolds on tenor saxophone.

Phenomenal music, their sounds were raw and powerful and all melded together beautifully. It was so refreshing to hear this instrumental ensemble projecting jazz sounds with fused in rock, classical and contemporary styles. Everyone was flowing and grooving together and you could just feel their eclecticism and musical talent. Would highly recommend for anyone who needs a bit of musical inspiration to listen to this band. Thank you for a great time last night Snarky Puppy!!!

Screen shot 2016-06-08 at PM 01.36.20




Lunch with the Lowkey Diva

Walked to Komala Vilas in Little India  for some delicious idly, tomato uthappam and dosai lunch. It was great catching up with Alison and hearing her talk about her work, her gigs, her new project and how she never expected to love her diva moments on stage when she first started performing solo; we agreed there is something fabulously encouraging about bright LED lights, a swanky cello and costume and large, attentive audiences.

TWT met Alison in Hong Kong last year and worked together a year later in Singapore where she performed Western popular music and Bollywood music on her electric cello. Sometimes she uses her LED glass cello with a full LED dress to complement it, and even performs inside a big bubble. The sweetest to talk to and a glamorous presence on stage with her musical and unique performances! Alison travels all over the world for her gigs from her home in the UK. Take a look at her website and Bollywood renditions here:

Ankhon Me Tari Ajab Si
Tum Hi Ho (in a bubble)


Afternoon Delight

We had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of Yantra, enjoying a stunning array of high tea in great company. The delicacies created by renowned chef Hemant Oberoi were scrumptious and beautifully presented (especially loved the cute chair chaat papdis) – definitely worth another visit. The art of cooking the familiar with a twist always works an appetizing charm. Thank you for having us!!!


One Earth Day

Today is a reminder of our birth and growth from Earth. It’s become the case where we have permanently adapted our lifestyles to be totally unaware of our environment as being part of nature and this universe that gives life. It’s hard to be conscious of over-consumption and waste when the goods are already there on shelves to buy, the button is there to press; none of us are bothered because we need our lives to stay convenient and comfortable. Going “eco-friendly” becomes an added stress or second-rate luxury.

But that doesn’t mean we can continue ignoring it, waiting for someone influential to come up with big inventions to protect the environment so that we don’t have to personally deal with it in a way that could affect our daily habits. It’s about taking it step by step, in the simple steps.

The Telegraph lists some ways to get involved in this commemorative day of environmental protection and TWT has checked off the ones we already do:

  • Walk to work, cycle or take public transport (check)
  • Use a reusable coffee or tea cup (check)
  • Make sure you recycle
  • Go paperless
  • Take a tote bag to the shop (check)
  • Plant a tree
  • Go meat or dairy free at least once a week (check)
  • Carry a reusable water bottle (check)
  • Add the Earth Mode Google Chrome extension to your browser to monitor your energy use (Just added it…)
  • Buy local produce (most of the time…)

Hoping to be more regular about this list, and hope you will too. Always grateful for the organisations and the people behind Earth Day and continue to fight systems that entirely disregard environmental protection, systems that trade long-term futures for short-term gratifications. In any case, happy earth day, happy Friday, stay focused, aware and hydrated!


Two Weeks Down Under

A summary of the past two weeks in Sydney and Canberra: working (always), meeting special people and mother-daughter adventures.

I was lucky to stay with my old friends Mala and Teddy, who were absolutely wonderful hosts. Had the pleasure of working on a forthcoming Yoga Conference (1st-3rd Oct. 2016, Vedanta Centre) and a lot of down time with the monks and devotees involved. It was especially lovely to see to see guru ji Swamji Sridharananda. Tall, urbane, well-spoken and inspiring – and he is 90 years old. All our hard work for the Yoga Conference paid off, as now it is part of Festival of India in Australia 2016.

Afterwards, spent time in Canberra with Kanika and friends, and really enjoyed our visit the National Gallery of Australia  (you would know if you follow us on Instagram:). We also had dinner with a wonderful Indian high commissioner and his wife.

It was so great to meet up with dearest friends and loved ones, and have such positive outcomes for the conference. You’ve got to love all the Aussie banter and sunshine!



Vibrant Touch

Team with Taste goes all out on detail.  From pre-function decor on standing tables, walls, the buffet tables, to intricate table and chair decorations with ornaments, textures, drapery… and birds. We love our birds!  Our stylish fabric birds are designed by us and beautifully handcrafted by  artisans of Gramshree Ahmedabad. Their vibrant presence cannot go unnoticed.

Gramshree is an NGO based in Ahmedabad that seeks to improve the standard of living for marginalised women  through skill training, better income opportunities and education. This organisation seriously does such amazing work, philanthropically and creatively. We hope by reading about them and looking at the great work they do will encourage you to support them too. We work a lot with Gramshree for decor and gifts, and always happy and thankful to have the opportunity to support them in this way.